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Based on 1,100 verified reviews

1,100 verified reviews

Lynn E.
Florida |Pomeranian

I was so impressed with

I was so impressed with the organized way in which this process was handled! From the original contact and adoption, to the delivery of my precious puppy from Mid-America, I always knew what was happening and what I needed to do. I would recommend your service anytime–and already have. While not inexpensive, this undertaking was so well done and professional that it made me sure I had made a good decision. Thank you for your efforts on Cooper’s (Venice) and my behalf! Lynn Erickson DeBary, Florida


Thomas R.
Arizona Breed: Pomeranian


My puppy arrived healthy happy and ready to play his favorite thing. He was even mostly house trained. This is my third puppy from ppac, they have all been the same.


Jenny K.
New Mexico Breed: Pomeranian

Our new puppy is adorable!

Our new puppy is adorable! She is such a good girl and has adapted to our family and home. She is healthy and has such a sweet disposition.


Susan H.
Maryland Breed: Pomeranian


Joey is an absolutely adorable dog ,you delivered at three months. He is healthy and happy and a wonderful addition to our family.


Sydney A.
New York Breed: Pomeranian

Great contact and very held

Great contact and very held up without being over the top Amazing support in all details and of course One wonderful puppy now part of our family


Jodi P.
Utah Breed: Pomeranian

I’m not sure the breeder

I’m not sure the breeder was totally honest about the quality of their dogs or gave correct information about the puppy’s parents etc


Margaret A.
Massachusetts Breed: Pomeranian

PPAC is top notch for finding a happy, healthy puppy

I love PPAC! My mom got a pomeranian through PPAC in December of 2022 and he came happy and healthy, so I decided to use them to find my puppy Donovan. He is quite literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and has quickly become my best friend. Aside from the puppy, Tina was the rep I spoke with to get everything finalized and she was top tier. It’s clear that ppac has invested in exceptional customer service which should not go unmentioned and is a paramount reason I have recommended countless people to use them to find the next best friend.


Sherry B.
Arizona Breed: Pomeranian

We found the most lovable

We found the most lovable little pom through PPAC. PPAC filled us in on everything we needed to know about our cute little pup, including all costs and inclusions, birthdate, health and wellness info, and coordinated her delivery. We were impressed with the whole ease of purchase, the thoroughness of the information provided, and the updates and coordination of delivery. We couldn’t be happier with our healthy, smart and lovable new little family member!


Cathleen P.
New York Breed: Pomeranian

Love my pup!

Easiest and informative process to the best little puppy!


Kimberly P.
Oregon Breed: Pomeranian

I am very pleased with

I am very pleased with my experience with PPAC. My puppy arrived safely and in good health. His first visit with my veterinarian confirmed that he is of excellent condition. He is so sweet and smart and is already housebroken. He now knows all of his basic commands and is heading quickly to becoming the service dog that my daughter so desperately needs. Thank you .


Violette A.
New Jersey Breed: Pomeranian

Using pomeranian adoption center to get our first ever fur baby was the best decision ever.Thanks to Lisa our puppy concierge for answering all our questions regarding Pom ❤


Carole M D.
California Breed: Pomeranian

Everything was as expected …

Everything was as expected … however my puppy had dirty ears and yeast infections that had to be treated … this should have been caught by a vet exam Picking my puppy up was simple but the food he had been eating was not labeled and he doesn’t like any of the five brands I’ve purchased so far… that’s a simple fix… just write the name brand on the sample bag of food


Raymond D.
Nevada Breed: Pomeranian

Thank you Ppac

We are so in love with our new fur baby, she is absolutely amazing, she was pretty much trained when we got her at 19 weeks old and she is learning more every day.


Joan M.
Massachusetts Breed: Pomeranian

Our pom, Logan

Sorry I haven’t written sooner but naturally, we’ve been too busy with our new pup, Logan!  They kept us well informed during the process, which was very easy & quick. Our Logan was received in great condition & adjusted to his new home immediately. He’s a love!!!


Kathleen A.
Idaho Breed: Pomeranian

It was a real pleasure

It was a real pleasure from beginning to end. We chose to pick up our puppy as we didn’t want him flying. If I had anything negative to say it would be the period of time from finding our puppy to when we could pick up. And that is cause you are just waiting. I think it would be nice if once puppy is adopted that the pictures could be updated.


California Breed: Pomeranian

well I was so happy

well I was so happy when I received my pom everything was great I would recommend ppac to a family and friend thanks he his a new name benji lol


Todd M.

Great little addition to the

Great little addition to the family. Transport was seamless with good communication.


Charles W.
Maine Breed: Pom

Couldn’t be happier

Everything was just like Your website described from the handling of the adoption process to the delivery was excellent and very professional and well worth  the cost ,for you received just exactly what you were looking for once again thank you very much and I will be telling other people to feel 100% confident in your ability to deliver what you promise


Carolyn T. O.

Chloe (Joann) arrived safe and

Chloe (Joann) arrived safe and sound! We were impressed with her detailed paper work too. Chloe fits inour family of 3  Cavaliers and a Pomeranian 🙂


Alycia V.
Illinois Breed: Pomeranian

Another PERFECT Experience with PPAC ❤️

This is my second time using PPAC (first time was when it was Purebred Breeders) and this experience was no less exceptional than the first. 7yrs, ago we got a black pom puppy and delivery was flawless….she is a very happy girl and been a joy as part of our family.


Dani V.
Massachusetts Breed: Pomeranian

Bringing our new friend home

we used ppac to bring home our newest puppy. After encountering. and weeding through a number of other scams online I found ppac. It was so easy to sort by breed and look through all the dogs and once I found our little guy it was as simple of clicking the “bring me home” button. I was able to speak to a real person on the phone with any questions. She had my order pulled up immediately, told me where my puppy was located .During the transport to reassure and update timing. Upon arrival we met at our local airport cell lot. There were multiple other people picking up their dogs. Providing an ID I was handed this fluffy little guy along with his paperwork and food. We are thrilled to have him in his forever home. I would absolutely work with ppac again if we were to get. another puppy in the future.


Nadine R.
Arizona Breed: Pomeranian

Best new family member

Finding our new family was super easy & great using Ppac. I had great service from every team member. I was extremely nervous when reading some reviews but our pup arrived within 10 days of adoption. He came home happy, healthy and is such a joy to have. Our other dog even loved him now too. We’re officially a family of 5!


Mark M.
Illinois Breed: Pomeranian

Everything went smoothly and exactly

Everything went smoothly and exactly as promised. Our puppy was happy, healthy & well taken care of. I wouldn’t hesitate to use PPAC in future! They had great customer support all through the process!! We love our boy so much!!❤️❤️


Bruce G.
Maine Breed: Pomeranian

All we can say is

All we can say is thank you. Our new puppy is a joy.Everything we wanted.


David S.
Pennsylvania Breed: Pomeranian

Great experience love the 2

Great experience love the 2 puppies we got. Only thing wrong airline flights terrible


Richard G.
Connecticut Breed: Pomeranian

Overall , very good experience.

Overall , very good experience.


Mary Ann S.
California Breed: Pomeranian

Excellent service

Excellent service


Michelle C.
Texas Breed: Pomeranian

She adorable.. we love her

She adorable.. we love her


Anthony M.
New Mexico Breed: Pomeranian

We were happy with the

We were happy with the experience


Randall B.
Georgia Breed: pomeranian

Great service. Rooster loves the

Great service. Rooster loves the food.


Maxine R.
Tennessee Breed: Pomeranian

I was very satisfied with

I was very satisfied with Pomeranian Pals Adoption Center.


Ann Marie C.
New Jersey Breed: Pomeranian

It was a great experience.

It was a great experience.


Kathryn B.
New Jersey Breed: Pomeranian

Had him three weeks. He

Had him three weeks. He is housebroken already. He just saw the vet and has a clean bill of health. We absolutely adore him. He is sweet and has a wonderful disposition. He is very friendly around other people and dogs


Amanda S.
New York Breed: Pomeranian

My experience with pomeranian pals adoption center

My experience with ppac was amazing. Ragu came with all his vaccines! He is beyond cute and he also came potty pad trained. He was crate trained too! I will never get a puppy anywhere else


Shellee H.
California Breed: Pomeranian

Learning a lot

Learning a lot


Kimberly S.
Ohio Breed: Pomeranian

He is wonderful, everything went

He is wonderful, everything went as planned. Thank you!


Sharon O.
West Virginia Breed: Pomeranian

We adopted Cory in February

We adopted Cory in February and our lives are so full of laughter. It was love at first sight.


Chanty D.
Utah Breed: pomeranian

The agents on the phone

The agents on the phone were really nice and helpful. The process was really simple.


Trisha T.
Virginia Breed: Pomeranian


Timely, great dog, super healthy! Kids love him! Everything went according to plan and his box of supplies were here way prior to his arrival!!!


Judith (Judy) H.
Minnesota Breed: Pomeranian

Quality Customer Service

Had a slight problem, but was assured all would be taken care of and it was! Puppy arrived on time and no problems with the transportation. She is a cute, lovable bundle of energy and I could not be more pleased.